6. Third-Party Packages

Some users have taken Keypirinha a step further by creating their own packages and have kindly shared their work to the community via the official Support Chat Room.

Check out the Contribute chapter to know how you can contribute.

6.1. Packages

6.1.1. PackageControl

@ueffel’s package to install, update or remove third-party packages like the ones listed in this page.
Source: https://github.com/ueffel/Keypirinha-PackageControl

The list of available packages via PackageControl is manually curated by @ueffel.

6.1.2. Currency

@AvatarHurden’s package to convert currencies.
Source: https://github.com/AvatarHurden/keypirinha-currency

6.1.3. Ditto

@tuteken’s package to access to your saved items in Ditto Clipboard Manager
Source: https://github.com/tuteken/Keypirinha-Plugin-Ditto

6.1.4. HeidiSQL

@psistorm’s package to list and launch HeidiSQL sessions directly as well as HeidiSQL itself.
Source: https://github.com/psistorm/keypirinha-heidisql

6.1.5. Kill

@ueffel’s package to terminate a running process by its name or ID.
Source: https://github.com/ueffel/Keypirinha-Plugin-Kill

6.1.6. KiTTY

@psistorm’s package to launch KiTTY (either installed or portable) and KiTTY sessions directly.
Source: https://github.com/psistorm/keypirinha-kitty

6.1.7. Lipsum

@Fuhrmann’s package to generate Lorem Ipsum text.
Source: https://github.com/Fuhrmann/keypirinha-lipsum

6.1.8. Pinboard

@tuteken’s package to access to your bookmarks on Pinboard
Source: https://github.com/tuteken/Keypirinha-Plugin-Pinboard

6.1.9. Snippets

@dozius’ package to quickly copy user defined snippets to the clipboard
Source: https://github.com/dozius/keypirinha-snippets

6.1.10. Steam

@EhsanKia’s package to add Steam games to your Catalog
Source: https://github.com/EhsanKia/keypirinha-plugins/tree/master/keypirinha-steam

6.1.11. SystemCommands

@psistorm’s package to provide some system commands to Keypirinha’s catalog like shutdown, hibernate, sleep, restart, lock, logout, trash, emptytrash, …
Source: https://github.com/psistorm/keypirinha-systemcommands

6.2. How to Install

6.2.1. Managed

@ueffel wrote PackageControl, a package manager that eases the install of third-party packages.

It must be installed manually.

6.2.2. Manual

Package developers usually offer a ready-to-install .keypirinha-package file.

If the package is hosted on GitHub, you may find it in the releases section:


In the releases section, you usually want the most up-tu-date release marked as Latest release. Locate it and grab the .keypirinha-package file associated to it.


If no .keypirinha-package file is associated to the latest release, please contact the package developer.

Once you have downloaded the .keypirinha-package file, simply move it to the Keypirinha\portable\Profile\InstalledPackages folder if you are in Portable mode, or to the %APPDATA%\Keypirinha\InstalledPackages folder in Installed mode.