9. Keyboard Shortcuts

9.1. LaunchBox

Shortcut(s) Action(s)
Ctrl+Win+K (default) Show/Hide the LaunchBox
  • Tab
  • Alt+Right
  • Space (while being at first
    step and if the space_as_tab
    option is enabled)
Next step (add args, choose action)
Alt+Left Forcefully go back to previous search step
  • Ctrl+Space
  • Shift+Space
Force insert a space character while at first step
  • Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0
  • Ctrl+Numpad1
Directly execute the item located a specific position in
the results list
Ctrl+Enter Directly go to the list of Actions associated to the selected item
Shift+Enter Execute the item without closing the LaunchBox, and reset
search state
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Execute the item without closing the LaunchBox, and go back to
the initial step of the current search
Alt+Enter Show selected item’s properties
Shift+Alt+Enter Show Shell’s “Properties” dialog for the selected FILE item
  • Alt+X
  • Win+Up
Maximize the LaunchBox (toggle)
  • Reset your current search (once)
  • Hide the LaunchBox (twice)

Also, see the escape_always_closes setting.

  • Shift+Esc
  • Alt+F4
Hide the LaunchBox
Ctrl+Del Erase a single item from history
Ctrl+BackSpace Erase previous word
  • Ctrl+Down
  • Down (if search state is clean)
Show history items
Ctrl+Home Scroll up to the first result
Ctrl+End Scroll down to the last result
F2 Open Console
F3 Open the Diagnostic Window
F5 Refresh Catalog
Identical to clicking the Refresh Catalog menu or launching the
Keypirinha: Refresh Catalog item

9.2. Console

Shortcut(s) Action
Ctrl+Tab Switch focus between command and log controls
Enter Validate command
Ctrl+BackSpace Erase previous word
  • Esc
  • Alt+F4
Close the Console

9.3. Diagnostic Windows

Shortcut(s) Action
F5 Refresh (full content)
F6 Refresh then Copy privacy-safe content to
clipboard so it can be pasted online to report
an issue for example.
  • Esc
  • Alt+F4
Close the window