14. Contribute

14.1. How to Report an Issue

An Official Bug Tracker accepts any issue report or suggestion related to the application or an official package.

Here are some guidelines to report an issue. Please follow them! To accurately report an issue strongly increases the chances of your issue to be fixed quickly.

  • Ensure your are running the latest version of Keypirinha

  • Search if your issue has been reported already

  • Check if some warning/error message has been printed on the Console

  • One bug per report

  • Describe the issue clearly, in English. Bullet points are good

  • Provide step-by-step instructions so we can reproduce the issue (we can’t fix what we can’t reproduce).

    • What steps will reproduce the problem?

    • What is the expected output/behavior?

    • What do you see instead?

  • Optionally attach screenshots so we can “see” the issue

  • Workarounds or other related tips on how to avoid the issue are welcome

14.2. Get involved in the development of the Packages and/or the API

If you are not sure where to start from, some feature requests or issues reported by users may be associated with the contrib-appreciated tag.

This tag usually involves a development task that can be done in the Packages Repository and/or the Python Lib Repository (i.e. the exposed Python API of Keypirinha).

Both repositories welcome Pull Requests. See their respective README file for more details on how to contribute.

14.3. Get involved in the development of the Platform

Keypirinha is looking for an involved developer to help creating its online platform dedicated to the automated redistribution of plugins (i.e. website and service).

The project

  • Code would be fully open source

  • It mainly consists of a website and a service to be accessed by Keypirinha itself

  • It will include current Keypirinha’s website (documentation)

  • Its main language would be Python3

  • It must run on a Linux platform

About you

  • You want to improve Keypirinha

  • You want to spend some of your free time on a long run project

  • You are of the kind who like to get the job done

  • You are willing to enter a friendly online relationship with an other developer for the good of a project :)


Please PM @polyvertex

@polyvertex is a former long-term traveler who values humanized and friendly online relationships between developers. Having a beer (or five) with him somewhere, someday, will be part of the deal :)

14.4. Help with the Documentation

Please file an issue on the Official Bug Tracker if you noticed a mistake (language or technical), if you have some comment or if you wish to make some improvement.