8. Theming

Since v2.14, Keypirinha GUI can be customized via the theme setting.

A more detailed description is available in the Keypirinha.ini default config file.

8.1. Theme Builder

@Fuhrmann made an awesome color theme builder to ease the generation of your Keypirinha theme settings. Check it out here!

Do note however that Keypirinha also allows to change its GUI layout (i.e. not only its colors and fonts).


8.2. Predefined Official Themes

Below are some possible combinations of the themes that are available by default. All those themes are defined in Keypirinha’s default configuration file, search for the [theme/...] sections nearby the end of the file.


You can change the theme setting at runtime to visualize the new theme while Keypirinha’s LaunchBox is displayed

theme = JumboLayout

theme = MediumLayout

theme = TinyLayout

theme = AnthraciteFull

theme = MediumLayout, SolarizedLightColors

theme = MediumLayout, SolarizedDarkColors

theme = MediumLayout, PurpleNightColors

theme = MediumLayout, ElectricStateColors

theme = MediumLayout, PrincessColors

8.3. Third-Party Themes

8.3.1. ClearLight

@bege10 kindly shared their ClearLight theme.


8.3.2. DarkSpotlight

@Z4uR5d kindly shared their DarkSpotlight theme.