5.7. Everything Package

Available since version 2.3

Query Everything (a separate tool) from Keypirinha to find and open any file or folder.


  • If you are looking for a way to browse the file system as you type a path, check out the FileBrowser Package

  • If you are looking for a way to catalog files you frequently use, check out the FilesCatalog Package

5.7.1. Requirements

Everything v1.3 or more recent must be running to do a search.


This package retries to find Everything instance each time you want to do a search so you can freely (re)start Everything whenever you need to.

5.7.2. Catalog Items

By default, this package populates the Catalog with the following items:

  • The Everything: Search item (default name) allows to query Everything using its normal search syntax

  • The Everything: Regex Search item (default name) allows to query Everything using its regular expression syntax

  • The Everything: Rebuild DB item request Everything to rebuild its database (requires Everything v1.4).

5.7.3. Usage

To query Everything from Keypirinha allows you to take advantage of both Everything’s speed and Keypirinha’s matching algorithm. Once you have searched-found-executed a file/folder using this package, it is kept in Keypirinha’s history so you do not have to query Everything a second time to open it.


You can reduce the number of keystrokes even more to reach the same item by using the Associate a Keyword to an Item feature.


Remember you can drag the resulting items the same way you would drag files to/from the Windows Explorer, in order to copy files or create shell links for example. See the Drag and Drop section for more info.

5.7.4. Troubleshooting

If no item appear after a search query, ensure Everything is running and no error message has been emitted by the plugin (check Keypirinha’s Console).