5.9. FilesCatalog Package

Available since version 2.16

A package to catalog the content of your filesystem in a fine-grained fashion.

It allows to quickly access specific files and/or applications you frequently use without needing a third-party software like the Everything Package does.


  • This package is addressed to advanced users (more info below)
  • If you are looking for a way to browse the file system as you type a path, check out the FileBrowser Package
  • If you are looking for a way to search for files regardless of their location, check out the Everything Package (requires a third-party software)

5.9.1. Introduction

This package does not catalog any item by default and must be configured.

It is mainly addressed to advanced users who wish to have full control on the content of their Catalog. As a result, configuring it may feel like quite a tedious task to some, in which case you may prefer to explore the features offered by the Everything Package, or ask for help in the Support Chat Room.

To get the best out of it in terms of efficiency (speed and memory), it is best to understand the technical details exposed as inline comments in the default configuration file of the package.

Do not hesitate to head over to the Support Chat Room if you have questions.

5.9.2. Profiles

The configuration of this package is profile-based. Each profile corresponds to one scanning-then-filtering process of your files, before registering them into Keypirinha’s Catalog.

Each profile has essentially the following properties:

  • Its own configuration section in filescatalog.ini
  • A unique name among all the profiles.
    Recommended form is to keep it without space character, in lower case except for the first letter of each word like in: MyProfile, Applications, PortableSoftwares.
  • A set of paths to scan
  • Optionally a set of filters to include/exclude the scanned items according to their name, extension and filesystem attributes (hidden, read-only, …), …
  • Optionally a base profile to inherit from.
    It is convenient if you do not want to replicate in the current profile the values you already defined in the base profile.
  • And other…