5.8. FileBrowser Package

Available since version 2.7

The FileBrowser package allows to browse the file system as you type.

5.8.1. Catalog Items

This package does not pre-create any item in the Catalog. Instead, it tries to match your initial search term with specific patterns:

  • / or \ will list the drives that are mounted (e.g. C:\, ...)
  • C:, D: or X: (case insensitive) will start browsing the drive associated with the given letter
  • An absolute path like c:\windows, D:\My Dir\AnyFile.txt
  • Environment variables are automatically expanded like in %USERPROFILE%\Documents
  • The ~ (tilde) character (configurable) to access to your “home” directory(ies). Check the “Home feature” section below.


Some items from the filesystem may or may not show up, depending on package’s configuration. For more info, refer to the configuration file and check the show_dirs_first, show_hidden_files, show_system_files and show_network_files settings.


  • While on Windows, convention is to use the \ character, Keypirinha also interprets / as a path separator.
  • This package is Drag and Drop compliant.

5.8.2. Home feature

The “home” feature allows you to get quick access to your favorite(s) folder(s) by typing a given trigger of your choice (~ by default).

Check out package’s configuration file for more details.

5.8.3. Actions

  • To go deeper in the file system hierarchy, select a folder item in the results list and press TAB.
  • To open a folder, select it in the results list and press Enter.
  • To list all the actions available that are associated with a specific item, select it in the results list and press Ctrl+Enter.

5.8.4. Configuration

This package is configurable, more details about every setting can be found in its configuration file.

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