5.1. Internal Package

Internal is the only package that is not visible on the filesystem as it is implemented in the application itself. It gives access to some core features of Keypirinha by populating the Catalog with special items that all have got the Keypirinha: prefix.

Here are some of the items that the Internal.About plugin populates:

  • Keypirinha: Configure Application to edit application’s configuration file(s)

  • Keypirinha: Refresh Catalog to ask all packages to refresh their catalog

  • Keypirinha: Refresh Catalog: <Package Name> to ask a single package to refresh its catalog

  • Keypirinha: Console to show the Console window

  • Keypirinha: About to see application’s About dialog box

  • Keypirinha: Exit to quit Keypirinha


The best way to list all the items populated by this plugin is to type the keypirinha: string in the LaunchBox.