5.18. WebSuggest Package

Available since version 2.10

Get suggestions from online providers like Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, …

5.18.1. Usage

By default, several items are inserted into the Catalog. One for each predefined suggestions provider: Amazon, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Google, Qwant, Wikipedia, Yahoo and YouTube (see package’s configuration file for an exhaustive list).

Select one of those items and start typing your search term(s) as item’s argument.

The plugin then queries the selected provider and populates the results list using the answer it got.

The default action when pressing the Enter key is to start the web browser to search for the selected suggestion, on the selected provider’s site.


This package has to rely on means that are not always officially supported by the suggestions providers as they do not always share the technical details of their interface.

If things seem to be broken without having changed the configuration for a while, please submit a report to the Official Bug Tracker so the problem can be corrected upstream to the benefit of the other Keypirinha users.

5.18.2. Custom Items

It is possible to change the list of the items to Catalog or their properties. There are two complementary ways to do so:

  • by registering additional items

  • by overriding the properties of the predefined items


If you are new to Keypirinha, you may want to read the Configuration chapter before going further. Declare extra items

Each item depends on a suggestions provider; several items may rely on the same provider. Here is a documented example:

[item/DuckDuckGo Autocomplete]
# Required: the name of a declared provider.
# It must reference a declared and enabled provider
# (i.e. ``[predefined_provider/*]`` or ``[provider/*]`` sections).
provider = duckduckgo

# Optional: override the default_action value from the [main] section.
# In this example, we use copy_result to simulate an "autocomplete"
# behavior.
default_action = copy_result

# Optional: enable/disable an item at runtime
# * A disabled item will not be inserted into the Catalog
# * Default: yes
enable = no

# Optionally, any setting of the underlying provider can be overridden
# specifically for this particular item. To do so, just redefine them here
# by prefixing their name with "provider." (without quotes).
# In other words, the "provider.*" values defined here only affect the
# initial definition of the "duckduckgo" provider for this particular item.
# For this example, we override the HTTP User-Agent value sent by Keypirinha
# to the DuckDuckGo API; we also ensure that the DuckDuckGo web interface
# provides search results in English.
provider.api_headers = User-Agent Keypirinha
provider.browse_args =
    q {terms}
    kl us-en

In this example, DuckDuckGo Autocomplete is the name of the item to appear in your Catalog.


  • An extra item must be declared using the item/ prefix in its section name, like in [item/DuckDuckGo Autocomplete].

  • Having both [predefined_item/DuckDuckGo] and [item/DuckDuckGo] for example is not possible. Override default items

Predefined items are registered using the predefined_item/ prefix in the name of the configuration section.

For instance, if you wish to override the item DuckDuckGo predefined by default, the [predefined_item/DuckDuckGo] section is the one to override in your configuration file.

The definition of a predefined_item is the same than an item.

5.18.3. Custom Providers

With some technical knowledge it is possible to extend the list of the supported suggestions providers by registering them via the package’s configuration file.

Documented example:

# Declare a new provider named "duckduckgo" (names are lowercased
# internally).
# A provider has two main groups of settings: for its *suggest API* and for
# the *browse* actions.

# Required: the *base* part of the URL to the API.
# It may contain the {terms} and {time} placeholders.
api_base = https://ac.duckduckgo.com/ac/

# Optional: the HTTP method used to reach the API (get or post)
# Default: get
api_method = get

# Optional: define the query part of the API URL by adding arguments.
# This is a multiline value that accepts a single ``name value`` pair per
# line. Values must not be URL-encoded yet.
api_args =
    q {terms}
    type list
    _ {time}

# Optional: it is possible to specify extra HTTP headers to be sent to the
# API.
# It is useful for example to prevent some providers to filter-out requests
# that do not seem to be issued by a regular browser (the Google Suggest API
# does that).
api_headers =
    User-Agent Mozilla/5.0

# Optional: the name of the parser used to read the response from the API.
# * There are two internal parsers at the moment, "opensearch" and "qwant".
#   You may want to read the code of this package and search for
#   "_api_parser_opensearch" or "_api_parser_qwant".
# * Alternatively, you may need to write your own parser for a provider that
#   is not supported yet. In that case, you must create a file named
#   websuggest_user_parsers.py in package's live directory (example:
#   "Keypirinha/portable/Profile/Packages/WebSuggest/websuggest_user_parsers.py")
#   and define a Python function with the same signature than the
#   _api_parser_opensearch static method in package's code.
#   Own parser's name must be referenced here with the "user." prefix
#   (without quotes). Example: api_parser = user.my_parser
# * Default: opensearch
api_parser = opensearch

# Required: the *base* part of the search URL to be used when a browse
# action is triggered.
# This value has the same properties than api_url.
browse_base = https://duckduckgo.com/

# Optional: the *query* part of the search URL.
# This value has the same properties than api_args.
browse_args = q {terms}


If you think that a new provider you added may benefit to other Keypirinha users, feel free to submit its configuration and parser to the Official Bug Tracker or the Support Chat Room, so it can be added to Keypirinha.


For German-speaking fellows, @bege10 has kindly shared their customized [predefined_provider/*] sections to get German suggestions here.