A fast launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows.

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What is Keypirinha

Keypirinha is a fast launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows.


  • Quickly find and launch plethora of items like applications, files, bookmarks, URLs, sessions (PuTTY, WinSCP, FileZilla), registry keys, ...
  • Launch a search on any configured website or online dictionary
  • Evaluate a mathematical expression
  • Convert numbers
  • Launch a copied URL directly (http, mailto, skype, ...)
  • Switch to a running application searched by its name
  • Associate a keyword to a specific item
  • File-driven configuration
  • Machine-specific and/or user-specific configuration
  • An embedded Python3 API to extend Keypirinha‘s features


  • Lightning fast
  • Fairly small memory footprint
  • Battery friendly
  • Extensible by writing plugin scripts in Python3.
  • Freeware, no nag screen, no time limit, no ads

You can think of Keypirinha as an alternative to Launchy and a cousin of Alfred.

See the First steps chapter for more information.


About this Documentation

This documentation is a work in progress and the effort of a non-native english speaker. Comments and contributions are appreciated. It is written in reST and generated using the Sphinx tools suite.

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