A semantic launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows.


What is Keypirinha

Keypirinha is a semantic launcher for keyboard ninjas on Windows.

It is a very generic tool hand-crafted with love by a nerd for nerds that allows to execute any kind of task using your keyboard only, by typing a small fraction of its name.
May it be to start an application, to open a file, a web bookmark, or more exotic tasks like evaluating a mathematical expression in- line, or launching a PuTTY/FileZilla/WinSCP session directly, ...

It has been designed to allow lightning fast searches, to have a small memory footprint and a file-driven configuration scheme. It is also battery friendly.

Finally, it is extensible by writing plugin scripts in Python3.

About this Documentation

This documentation is a work in progress and the effort of a non-native english speaker. Comments and contributions are appreciated. It is written in reST and generated using the Sphinx tools suite.


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